MJaoune's Homepage

Who am I?

My name is Mahmoud Jaoune (MJaoune), I was born in the 1st of July 1996 in Amman - Jordan. I have been at the same school since year 2000 till 2014 (Now) and I am willing (hoping) to study Computer Engineering in Europe, USA or Australia.

At the age of 5, I used to spend most of my time on my Intel Pentium III computer for gaming purposes, 5 years after, I got interested in development in general (Not necessarily coding), I used to create Warcraft III Frozen Throne maps using the World Editor shipped with the game, Tiny DotA Allstars was my first project and the beginning of my experience in computers.

At the age of 12, I got interested in coding, the first programming language I learned was Microsoft Visual Basic (Forgot all of it by now), I created a project called APSSKAD using Visual Basic and we can consider that the first coded project of mine.

I started heavy coding at the age of 13, when I learned Python programming language and C programming language; I learned C to create Nintendo DS homebrews, that's when I considered myself a programmer. My first Nintendo DS homebrew was called Pocket God, which was supposed to be a port of the iPhone game "Pocket God", it was then renamed to Pocket Island DS and released on DS-Scene forums (It is still available for download from here)

After that, I got experienced in coding and computers in general really fast, I can't remember how, since it happened rapidly, but I can remember myself getting interested in Assembly-x86 programming but never released any Assembly built project, I also got experienced in C++ programming language at that age.

At the age of 15, I started many Linux and Microsoft Windows servers for different purposes (Web, gaming, software etc...) and that was when I got experienced in different Operating Systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux (I use Gentoo) and FreeBSD. That was also when I learned web developing and got experienced in it (HTML, PHP and JavaScript) and made many websites though not all of them were hosted, I also created a forum software, but I haven't produced it (I still have the source-code though).

That was most of what I could recall of my background, visit my Projects page for more information.

Short Background Information:

Full-name:Mahmoud Jaoune
Country of birth:Jordan
Born:1st of July 1996
Programming languages known:-C
-HTML (Not a programming language though)
Other knowledge:-System Administration (Windows,Linux and FreeBSD)
-General computer knowledge